It Doesn’t Get Much More Depraved Than This….


Ok, so this one I have been waiting to post. It is just so foul. Be warned. A woman came in to the dept with her significant other with a complaint of frequent urinary tract infections and now urinary incontinence. She was only in her mid 30′s with two kids. Her incontinence was severe – she basically just leaked urine as soon as her kidneys made it. During exam, it was noted that her genitalia was very abnormal appearing. Just below her clitoris, there was a gaping hole – too anterior to be the vagina but too large to be…..wait, could it be??!?!?! Yes, it was her urethra gaping open about 1-2 inches in diameter! Urine would just drip out. Now, here is the worst part. The way she got to this point. She finally revealed that her man had developed a bizarre fetish. He requested (or maybe it was forced, who knows?) that she insert progressively larger dilators into her urethra so he could have sex with her that way. Finally he had been successful and over the past several weeks, he would routinely have urethral intercourse with her, causing infections and of course, complete incontinence. Unfortunately this situation is not readily remedied. There is no good surgery for it and the only solution is to place a suprapubic catheter coming out of the skin directly from the bladder – forever! I mean, I think “to each his own” but this fits the definition of a sick f*** if ever there was one. What a SHPOS (see here for definition ). Then again, this woman needed some psychiatric help too to have let him do this.

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  1. anonymous says:

    I go into work 2 nights ago, and one of my co workers tells me about a call they got last week around 3 am.
    A woman calls, says she was a patient a few nights earlier and left something in her room. She says to the R.N., “it’s personal and it’s really important I get it back” and asks if we can check to see if anything was found. We ask her name and what room she was in. She gives her name, but doesn’t remember which room. At this point she starts getting anxious. She tells my coworker she really NEEDS the item! My coworker asks her what was it that she left, she says, “my DILDO!”

    LMAO!!!! While she was on our floor I’m glad no one walked in on her USING it!

  2. Nick__C says:

    I’d always thought urethral sex was a myth.


  3. Frodo says:

    Hey, this world is fubar.

  4. Salina says:

    What torture…I guess the other three holes didn’t cut it for him.

  5. [...] paedophilia, violence, and other illegal stuff). Still, I guess one can go to far (like THIS, or THIS), and this is one such a case. At about midnight on a weeknight, a “normal appearing” [...]

  6. Micky says:


  7. Ebu Bekir says:

    I did it to my gf too, it feels so good :)

  8. im incognito says:

    my wife and i regularly have urethral intercourse (or u-sex as we’ve come to call it). she has never had any uti’s or bladder problems from it (except the first hour or so after which she just wears a thick pad to catch any urine that drips). the part that might make u cringe is how we even discovered it was possible. when my wife and i met 3 years ago she was a virgin and our first time having sex i found it to be almost impossible to penetrate her vagina. As it turned out she had what is called an imperforate hymen (extemely thick hymen not that uncommon). while i was pressing against it trying to break it my penis slipped straight up into her urethra! as you could imagine she shrieked with pain but neither of us realized what had happened, since we both knew it was going to hurt for her the first time and both were expecting blood. she begged me to stop so i did and that was all for our first time.
    the next day she told me how much pain she was still in and that she couldnt hold her pee in and used 2-3 overnight pads throughout the day to catch the pee that was dripping. this immediately alarmed me because her bladder should not have been affected from breaking her hymen. so i asked her to let me look at her vagina and she reluctantly agreed (i hadnt even seen it the night before as lights off and we were eye to eye in bed). when she layed back and let me view her in full light i was stunned… her hymen was completely in tact!!! but how had i penetrated her i wondered.. as i spread her labia apart more i noticed her urethra was inflamed and streched out to where it looked like my pinky finger could have slid right in! when i told her what i saw her eyes welled up with tears. “what do i do” she asked. i tld her we needed to go to a hospital and have an gynecolegist check her out. she freaked out and refused and told me to just wait a few days to see if she got better. well she did get better, a couple of days later her bladder functioned properly and we had propper sex. but a week or so later during foreplay i discovered that when i put my finger inside of her urethra she went crazy in ecstasy! so one finger led to two and two fingers led to having urethral intercourse! all these years later and its still common for us to have u-sex 2-3 times a week. its actually the only way ive ever given her an orgasm wothout added clitoral stimulation!
    im sure some of you will read this in horror but its amazing what you can accidentally stumble onto. point of the story is dont assume that everyone that has this type of intercourse is depraved and that the poor woman was forced to. my wife and i discovered this by accident and she is now just as eager of a participant as i am. it might not be for everyone and im definitely not recomending you try it! just remembering how much pain she was in that first time and day after is enough to make me cringe not to mention that she temporarily lost bladder function.

  9. Sean Burke says:

    Remember, we are a species that, in many times and places throughout history, invented /trepanning/. Dull metal, hand crank, skull! And often it wasn’t reserved for just obviously serious cases!

    Suddenly the, uh, repurposing of the urethra for cheap (stupid) thrills doesn’t seem so weird… in comparison, mind you, in comparison.

  10. dean says:

    if youre looking for pictures and videos you should google for amazing ty

    she is a pornstar in doing that kind of kink and by what she says it doesnt lead to any incontinence

    i wonder in what way the stretching of the women in the original post went wrong to produce that outcome

    the outcome was probably not that much desirable and to report it here was right,

    however i gotta say it doesnt speak for you as a doctor that you vilify this man and women (and all others with similar interests).
    you should revalidate your career and your ethics

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