Good Shift


Some define a good shift as one where you sit around on your ass. And while there are times that is nice, I honestly like shifts where I am not overwhelmed but where the majority of patients I see actually have an urgency or emergency!

The other day I had (in a row no less!):

a. a 40 year old lady with acute iritis (not a serious emergency but much better then the typical bogus conjunctivitis!)

b. Elderly lady with acute left femoral artery occlusion and a nearly dead foot.
c. 30 year old man with epidural bleed and mid-line shift.
d. 29 year old man with unknown type of OD and hyponatraemia-induced seizures who needed to be intubated for airway protection.
e. 38 year old lady with 3 months of SOB and cough who wound up having numerous b/l PE’s with right sided heart failure, probable previously undiagnosed thalassaemia with platelets of 70, and guiac + stool!

3 Responses to Good Shift

  1. brocasarea says:

    for me a good shift is one where i just sit and study for my entrance which never happens;)

  2. Dr. Grumpy says:

    For me a good day is where I get paid, without having to see patients. I’ll let you know if it ever happens.

  3. Andrew says:

    I’d prefer to be just busy enough to make the shift fly by, without being overwhelmed. It’s a plus too if the patients actually need something legitimate. No matter the pace at Which they show up, seekers and fakers quickly get annoying.


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