Healthcare Update – Satellite Edition 10-10-2011

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State of Connecticut decides that Yale cannot put up proposed $25 million ambulatory care center because the hospital did not “substantiate the need for the addition.”
This is another thing that drives me nuts. If Burger King wants to set up shop next door to a McDonalds, no one says a thing. Free market – let the best business model win. If Burger King doesn’t do its due diligence and the business fails, then they’ve just lost a lot of money in purchasing land and developing the business site.
In medicine, if a hospital wants to build another building which would mean more revenue, more jobs, and more tax money for the area, the hospital has to “prove” that there is a need for the business.
Go figure.

AMA wants supercommittee to limit malpractice lawsuit awards as means to reduce health care spending.

Being treated in a hallway bed due to hospital overcrowding? Chances are greater that your doctors and nurses are not practicing proper hand hygiene. Whatever you do, just don’t pull the curtains around you.

Between 2001 and 2007, 339 of 1125 trauma centers in the nation closed. According to the article, most of the trauma centers that closed were overwhelmed by financial problems from providing care to patients that did not pay and from expenses associated with maintaining available trauma services around the clock.
For 16 million patients, the increased travel time amounted to 30 minutes, which means at least half of the “golden hour” would be spent driving to another hospital.
Now, when minutes count, help is only an hour or so away.
How can we save more money?

Two brainiacs end up in Scottish emergency department after competing in “world’s hottest chili” contest. The runner up in the contest said that it “felt like I was being chainsawed in the stomach with hot sauce on the chainsaw.” Now contestants and ambulance service blame restaurant for having the contest.
You think the chili was bad going down? Just wait until it comes out the other end.


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  1. Don says:

    The closest trauma center for my community is 40 minutes by helicopter or 50 minutes by ground ambulance. If you factor in the waiting time for the helicopter to arrive (15-20 minutes) the ground ambulances will almost always get there first.

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