Good CPR

I read this little story yesterday of a referee collapsing during a high school soccer game. Unfortunately, he was in full cardiac arrest. Fortunately, two nurses who must have been up to snuff on their hands only CPR because they were able to keep his brain perfused until first responders were able to defibrillate him with an AED. People with Vfib are the most likely to be successfully resuscitated but the most important part here is the that the CPR preserved his brain. What’s the point of bringing a vegetable back? Hence the need to have someone pump like hell on your chest until EMS gets there. Kudos to them!

3 Responses to Good CPR

  1. Dr. Grumpy says:

    Disco saves lives.

  2. ada says:

    You should title it “CPR by hot soccer moms”

  3. Viktory says:

    nice little story

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