Healthcare Update – Satellite Edition 01-23-2012

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A look at pain management in other countries. In Mexico emergency department, patient with broken bone gets no pain medications upon discharge. Mexico’s drug laws had grown so strict due to the actions of the “narcotraficantes” that pain medications were difficult to find. Sound familiar?

Remember the woman with two vaginas from last week’s Update? Now she has an offer to earn up to $1 million for starring in a porn film.

Another reason why providing “insurance” to everyone in the nation is a dumb idea. The “insurers” don’t pay their bills. Maine owes hospitals more than $125 million for uncompensated care of Medicaid patients. Hey, I’ve got an idea! Let’s add another 20 million patients to Medicaid, tell them that they have “insurance,” and not pay their bills, either! How many providers do you think are going to want to take this “insurance”?
Insurance for medical care isn’t access to medical care. Never has been. Never will be.

Want to go home from the hospital instead of being involuntarily committed? Look into the camera and answer all of the questions. Welcome to psychiatry over the Internet.

Cutting Medicaid services in Idaho hasn’t saved any money, has cost Idaho an estimated 4,000 jobs, and has put increased pressure on law enforcement services. State revenues allow Idaho to reinstate the programs that were cut, but legislators reportedly have no plans to do so.

*Today’s modern ER’s will have some of the most advanced medical equipment available

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