Seriously Disturbing


So, I was with a sense of disgust that I read THIS article over the weekend on women who are losing weight last minute before their weddings by using a 24/7 NG tube feed – where their calories are limited to 800 per day. This bothers me 1). Because they will immediately pile this weight back on as soon as the tube is yanked, 2) . That they are too lazy or uncommitted to controlling their caloric intake on their own, 3). That there are health care providers out there that will offer this service, and 4) That the wedding industry has become so over the top that everyone wants a fairy tale celebrity type wedding to the point that they will do anything to squeeze into a tiny dress they will never ever be able to wear again afterwards. Also, it is not without risk.

Do men get all amped up about it like this? I would say NO. We just want to get the dang ceremony over as soon as possible and go on the honeymoon!


15 Responses to Seriously Disturbing

  1. ndenunz says:

    I read where one Dr. is charging $1500 for the procedure.

  2. GunDiva says:

    That is horrible! I just can’t wrap my mind around why anyone would want to do this. Really, if you want to calorie-restrict, just keep your ass away from foom. Show some restraint at the table for a couple of weeks before your wedding.

    But…that wouldn’t have the desired effect of showing how far the brides will go to look “perfect” for their wedding day. I see this as a status symbol. A dumb one, but a status symbol, nonetheless.

  3. GunDiva says:

    *coughs* that should be “food”, not “foom”, apparently my fingers aren’t working.

  4. Lynda M O says:

    This trend scares me. Why are we women allowing media to whip us around like this ?~! Are there any spines out there at all ? If so, where are they ?~?

  5. Beauzeaux says:

    Trend? Oh puleeze. This is just the latest OMG-how-horrible faux news story that gets everyone’s knickers in a twist. (Makes me miss all the bad mommy stories.) Just how common do you think this is? Do you personally know anyone who would do this? I have a great idea — let’s not get outraged over a “trend” that’s completely made up.

  6. Doc says:

    Well, it’s being done period. That’s bad enough for me.

  7. Liz says:

    Sadly, I DO know people who would do this. Let’s hope they don’t get married anytime soon.

  8. Liz says:

    random question: what are the long term risks of this compared to something like the lap band for someone with a bunch of weight to lose?

    i have a lot of weight to lose, but i’ve lost about 20 pounds in two months with weight watchers- slow and steady…

  9. Kim says:

    Just want to show that you don’t have to be thin to have a man make this much fuss over you; the bride-to-be is definitely not petite. .. so stupid ~ people knocking themselves out to be skinny when, as someone else pointed out, all that weight (and then some!) will simply return once the process is abandoned. Watch this very heartening clip. You’ll see that love comes in all shapes & sizes.

  10. Dr. Grumpy says:

    I dunno. I find women with foot long white boogers to be a real turn-on.

  11. David Wonder says:

    I was actually more shocked by the “daily injections of human chorionic gonadotropin.” This one, provided by the “Medi (sic) lean Clinic (sic) is an FDA-established fraud, but even though the practitioner (sic) tells the patients (sic)
    “flat out what the F.D.A says,” they still pick the placebo for treatment. And it works! Ca-ching!

  12. LL says:

    First off, GROSS.

    Secondly, I got redirected to myspace when I clicked this in google RSS feed so I could read the whole post. Just an FYI.

  13. Dr. Mongo Lloyd says:

    That chick in the pic is pretty hot.

  14. Bizarre. Reminds me of that diet tactic where a special brace is fitted and wired, so that you can only open your mouth wide enough to insert a straw and sip fluids. Anyone tried the MacDoubleCheese-Smoothie? Because that’s what some of these crazy people did.

  15. ER Jedi says:

    I wonder if your puree Twinkies and put them down the tube?

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