Proper Positioning

Listen, of you’re going to suffer a penis injury while having sex, it’s best done while NOT in the “Woman on Top” position. You see, most penile fractures occur in this position because the full weight of the woman comes down on the penis as it bends. *Ouchies*
Generally, if things bend the wrong way, it’s best the man be on top or behind so he can instantly arrest the damaging movement….,

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  1. Laurie says:

    When you say fractures…I took A&P and there aren’t any bones in said boners…what is a penile fracture? Dare I Google it with the kids in the room?

  2. Haha, and ow, we’re lucky that this didn’t happen to us yet. But does it make a difference if the corpus cavernosum is bent a bit or a lot? I thought the tunica just ruptured either way. (I mean… can it only rupture a bit? Shouldn’t the effect be the same?) I recommend a considerate woman on top, then you can have all the fun without the ouchies.

    …are there even cases of penile fx while the man is the active partner? I can’t quite imagine it. Frenulum tearings, maybe, but how out of it must a guy be to bend is penis out of shape?

  3. Legalalien says:

    Having assisted in the repair of a penile fracture – last new years day, the joys of junior surgical call, I can honestly say that the surgical repair of it is one of the most excruciating things I’ve ever seen. I was literally wincing as we sorted his little man out. An interesting observation is how many men self discharge the same day as their operation against advice. A difficult phone call is “where are you dear?” – “oh in hospital, its nothing serious”, “Why what happened?” “umm, well, how can I explain this?… I slipped…”

  4. Tarl says:

    If you google it, be aware that the Wikipedia article has a photograph at the top of the article. I’m not sure why they use the term fracture, it’s a rupture.

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