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How is it possible?

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

This is sort of like a Keith Richards post.
Want I mean is how is it possible that someone could abuse their bodies as much as Keith Richards does and still remain alive?
However, in this case I mean how could some people who are riddled with as much diseases they are still keep coming into the ER week after week after week, month after month after month, and year after year after year?
Clearly nothing appears to be able to kill them. Not +4 pitting edema with weeping liquid coming out of everywhere. Not a massively dilated left ventricle and an EF of 25%. Not hemoglobin A-1 C of over 10.0. Not two packs of cigarettes today. Not a diet which appears to consist solely of Big Mac extra value meals, washed down with a 32 ounce high fructose corn syrup laden soda beverage.
There’s only one answer besides luck, genetics.
Others are victims of the complete opposite.
They have the bad luck to get sick die way too early.
One day in the future I’m sure we will be able to predict what someone’s likelihood of getting illnesses is when they are young based about their genetic makeup. Those at low-risk will be able to go on and smoke,drink, eat, and not worry about anything. Those with the bad genes will know they have to do something to prevent it.

Eventually they Die

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Of there’s one thing all ER docs have learned is that there is one thing you can be certain of. Eventually all the chronically ill, drug abusing, frequent fliers die. Sooner or later you’ll walk into work and everyone will be like, “Did you hear?! So and so finally died!!!”.

For a second you are dumbfounded. Years of drug abuse, neglect of chronic illness never managed to kill them before. How could this be?! There must be some mistake. There’s no way she could die.

Then you feel relief. It’s a selfish relief because you realize that she’ll no longer be plaguing your department, absorbing resources, making demands, driving everyone that works there to the brink of suicide.

Then you feel sorry that you felt that way. Then you just feel sad. Sad about how they’re life spiraled down the crapper years ago. Sad they’re dead. And sad that they’ll be replaced by another seeker/abuser/frequent flyer.

The circle of life continues.

Nice Try

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Dear Patient, Telling me to write you another prescription for Percocet because the one you got last night from the ER down the road was “illegible” and that you are sure the pharmacist would not be able to decipher it is not going to work on me. I looked at this Rx in question and agree, it is sloppily written but it’s clear that it says “Disp 10″ and “no refills”. Have the pharmacist call the doc who wrote it if they have a question. I don’t play the double dipping game!